Welcome to the Chopper Supply Company Inc.

Established in 1998.

Choppers. They aren't just motorcycles... they're a way of life. They're an extension of your thoughts, dreams and desires. They don't come out of a box already made. They rise up from parts all over the garage floor and take form from your imagination and hard work.

That's why here at Chopper Supply we take that very seriously and provide you with the best possible parts and accessories in the industry.



Call it what it is... it's the boutique. This is where we sell T Shirts, Women's Panties and assorted Trinkets. As always there is free installation of women's panties, although... Restrictions Do Apply.


Buy the parts you need at our chopper supply parts store... Custom Vintage Cycle


On occasion you can talk me into working on something. It's always best to check first.